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Our HealthStream Treadmill belts are not only low priced they’re also high quality long lasting products, packed with lots of extra special features. All of our HealthStream treadmill belts have been carefully and thoroughly tested and still prove to produce low friction and best of all, low noise with high amounts of grip.

HealthStream Treadmill Belt

As the largest Australian supplier of quality and cheap HealthStream treadmill running mats with constant 5 star ratings on eBay and Amazon, we can ensure you will find the right belt and size for your treadmill’s needs. On the rare chance you are looking for something bigger than our stock sizes, we are fully capable to custom-make odd sized treadmill mats up to 600mm wide with our belt joining machinery. You will receive your new treadmill belt quickly with most of our mats dispatched from our warehouse within 24 hours!

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Not only are our HealthStream treadmill belts high quality and inexpensive, they are also easy to install onto your HealthStream treadmill. All of our Treadmill Belts come with an easy to follow DIY guide to make the installation process as painless are possible.

Don’t have a HealthStream Treadmill? We also offer belts that are fitted and designed for other brands of treadmills including:

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We have belt joining machines for made to measure belts. Any odd sized belt not in stock will be made promptly.If your model is not listed you can either cut the belt off and measure total length and width (most accurate) or if the belt is still on the machine, please follow this guide on how to measure your belt.

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