Custom Treadmill Belt

Custom Treadmill Belt

If you’re having trouble finding a treadmill belt that fits your brand or model, don’t worry. Our website offers custom-made treadmill belts with state-of-the-art and fully computerized equipment. We can make any odd-sized treadmill belt promptly, so you don’t have to wait long to get back to your workout routine.



If your model isn’t listed, you can follow our video guide to measure your treadmill belt on or off the treadmill. Once you have the correct measurements, you can order directly from our custom belts. Simply pick your belt width from our selection below and follow the steps on the product page:

Pick your belt width below and follow the steps on the product page:

300-355mm Wide Belt

360-400mm Wide Belt

405-460mm Wide Belt

465-560mm Wide Belt

565-595mm Wide Belt

If you need a larger treadmill belt, please email or call us for a quote. Our custom treadmill belts are easy to install, and we have a helpful video guide on our website to assist you. Don’t let a poorly fitting treadmill belt hold you back from reaching your fitness goals. Order a custom-made treadmill belt today and get back to your workout routine in no time.