Proteus Treadmill running belts & mats

Our Proteus Treadmill replacement belts are not only at a low price, they’re also high quality lasting products, packed with extra special features. All of our replacement treadmill belts have been carefully tested and still prove to produce low friction and best of all, low noise with high amounts of grip.

Stock Guarantee! 1000's of belts and 100's of sizes!

As the largest Australian supplier of quality and cheap Proteus treadmill running mats we can ensure you will find the right belt and size for your treadmill’s needs. On the rare chance you are looking for something bigger than our stock sizes, we are fully capable to custom-make irregular sized treadmill mats up to 600mm wide with our state of the art, digital belt connecting machinery. You will receive your new treadmill belt quickly with most of our mats dispatched from our warehouse within 24 hours!

List of Proteus Treadmill Models:
  • Proteus MTM 7550
  • Proteus MTM 7560
  • Proteus MTM 4500
  • Protues MTM 5600
  • Proteus MTM 5900
  • Proteus MTM 590
  • Proteus MTM 6200DC
  • Proteus LDT 6550
  • Proteus MTM 6800
  • Proteus LDT 6850
Try our quality Proteus Treadmill replacement belts today, you won't be disappointed!

Not only are our Proteus treadmill belts high quality and inexpensive, they are also incredibly easy to install onto your Proteus treadmill.

With your new treadmill running belt, you will also receive a do-it-yourself guide to help you install your new treadmill mat.

Don’t have a Proteus Treadmill? We also offer replacement belts that are fitted and designed for other popular treadmill brands including:

  • York Belts & Mats
  • Body Science Belts & Mats
  • Health Stream Belts & Mats
  • Vision Fitness Belts & Mats
  • Life Fitness Belts & Mats
  • Power Fit Belts & Mats
  • Sports Art Belts & Mats
  • Star Trac Belts & Mats
  • Tunturi Belts & Mats
  • Cardiotech Belts & Mats
  • And many, many more.

So go to our online shopping page and check out our low prices. If you need some help try our FAQ’s page or call us on 0407 494 940. We’re here to help!